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Hey there folks. I don’t do a lot of event announcements here, but there are two coming up in September that every bike-loving lady in Seattle ought to know about.

The Vagina Monocogs: September 7-8

First up is The Vagina Monocogs (September 7-8). Robert’s been organizing a series race for the past few years known as the Rebel Without a Cog. It’s a fixed gear only event that’s historically had a very masculine turnout, and so this year he’s throwing a women’s SINGLE SPEED only event at the same time.

The idea is that anyone is welcome to compete on a fixed gear bike in the Rebel, but only ladies on fixed gears and single speeds can compete in the Vagina Monocogs. The two events will start, finish and cross paths with each other, which ought to make for a splendid, chaotic party.

(Don’t have a single speed? Come anyway! Through the magic of zip ties we can immobilize your shifting capabilities, thus qualifying you to compete.)

There will be events on Friday and Saturday, each with individual prizes, but to win the overall prize you have to compete in all 3 events.

Oh, and the overall prize? Registration to the Westside Invite in Los Angeles in November, and cash to get you there. Pretty cool, huh?

The events, from the website:

The Alleycat will be Friday night and consist of multiple checkpoints that will be revealed at the beginning of the race.

The Time Trial will begin on Saturday around noon, and riders will be let off at two minute intervals. You must complete each checkpoint in order. Fastest time wins. [Map here.]

The Circuit Race will be street circuit with 4-20 laps depending on the length of the lap. Work together and chase down the leaders or blow up on a solo attack.

So grab a girlfriend and come hang out, challenge yourself, make friends, and just in general have a blast.

This event is a fundraiser for the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Seattle next summer.

Cycle the WAVE: September 16

Cycle the WAVE is another cool lady-and-bike-centric event happening next month.

It’s an incredibly fun, supportive event with four lengths of rides women can choose from. From the website:

The 15-Mile Little Sister is a short and sweet 15 mile out and back route that travels marked bike lanes. The total elevation gain is about 640 feet which averages 42 feet per mile. Please click here for the Little Sister Map and check back for the Little Sister Cue Sheet.

The 25-Mile Girly Girl is a fun ride through the rolling hills of Bellevue’s quiet neighborhoods and includes Bellevue College. The Girly Girl Map is available. Please check back for Girly Girl Cue Sheet.

The 42-Mile Middle Sister offers a few more scenic miles. The Middle Sister Map is available, please check back for the Middle Sister Cue Sheet.

The 62-Mile Burly Girl is a great ride and will challenge the experienced rider. The Burly Girl Map is here, please check back for the Burly Girl Cue Sheet.

Last year I rode the Girly Girl route with my cousin, and I plan to do so again with my mom. I found that the route was really well marked (with guides point the way at tricky intersections), and the rest stops were great. I especially liked the fire fighters handing out Red Hots.

Oh, and the catered lunch and free massages at the finish line were rad, too.

Plus, the whole event goes to support the WAVE foundation, which works against domestic violence. How great is that?

Hope to see you out on the road, ladies!